Chiado Residence

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FBP designed a portion of the grounds for the Chiado residence on the shores of Manzanita Bay on Bainbridge Island, WA. The approach from the driveway to the house was transformed from a large, tired lawn to a dynamic set of shifting terraces consisting of different gardens, a dining terrace and a small lawn panel. These new spaces are defined by low, custom granite seat walls. Grade transitions were achieved with slabs of Ozark Sandstone stone as steps. Plantings consist primarily of low groundcovers, perennials and ornamental grasses to preserve the ‘clearing in the forest’ feel of the property as it is surrounded by mature forest. Specimen trees- a Sazanami Japanese Maple and a multi-stemmed Persian Parrotia provide striking texture and leaf color as the focal points for two of the main gardens. Elegant pedestrian lighting was installed for evening use of the walkways and dining terrace.